Hi, I'm Valery Nguyen

Software Engineer located in San Francisco Bay Area

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As a problem solver turned Software Engineer, I enjoy collaborating with other engineers and developers and tackling challenging problems together. What I like most is solving complex problems all over the stack.

I specialize in JavaScript, ReactJS, ReduxJS, Angular, Java, Ruby on Rails, Google Cloud Platform, as well as in other technologies like GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Server SQL, Express.js, and Node.js.

After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree, I started my career with ORANO. There, I worked 2 years on automation hardware and 5+ years on the control systems software.

Moving back to the Bay Area, I decided to focus on Web Development and stepped in the Tech industry with AlertEnterprise. After 1.5 year, I joined Google, where I am at presently.

Outside of Web Development, I am also passionate about emerging tech (e.g blockchain, AI) and their impact on international economics + social policies. As I lived in France for 17 years, I like exploring what makes each culture unique and exciting!



University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science, 2011


Software Engineer


  • Software Engineer


    SEP 2019 - MAY 2021

    I collaborated on a team of 6 to architect the infrastructure solutions for new cloud-based product services running on Google Cloud Platform, containerized microservices using Docker, and built Kubernetes and Helm manifests used for deployments to Google Kubernetes Engine.

  • Software Engineer


    OCT 2011 - JAN 2019

    I designed, implemented, and tested software solutions for nuclear fuel manufacturing material handling, part tracking, and data storage and retrieval. The software applications were specifically for Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers and developed using Siemens STEP 7.

  • Mechanical Engineer


    JANUARY 2015 - APRIL 2017

    I performed structural analysis on support structures for automation systems' hardware utilizing ANSYS Mechanical in order to verify and ensure the structures' integrity under extreme operating conditions.


  • Redux


Online Retailer Web App providing a wide range of unique gifts ideas for the users to choose and order from.

Ruby-on-Rails, React.js, Redux.js

Service Web App giving users the possibility to search and book lodging, filtered by location, dates, type, and price.

MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Redux.js, Node.js

Communication Web App giving users the possibility post messages on various channels, as well as send direct messages to other users.

GraphQL, Docker, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js

GameOfThrones-D3 explores the interactions between the various characters of HBO series Game of Thrones through several D3.js visualization techniques.

D3.js, React.js, Redux.js, Express.js, Node.js